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November 2nd Can’t Arrive Soon Enough

April 19, 2010

You really have to wonder about the people in office right now.  Last week, tea party protests were held all over the USA.  Now the Democrats want tea party activists to think they’re trying to cut taxes, make government smaller, and reign in the deficit.

First, President Obama spoke at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser on tax day, April 15th and said that tea party activists should “be saying thank you” for the tax cuts enacted by his administration.

Then Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner appeared Sunday, April 18th on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”  He was asked about the tea party protests and responded by saying “We’ve just been through eight years where many people said deficits don’t matter. We can pass huge tax cuts, pass huge new programs without paying for them. That debate has changed fundamentally.”  “You don’t hear people say anymore deficits don’t matter. You don’t hear people saying we can pass enormous expansions in government without paying for it. That’s an important change.”

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That’s What Elections Are For

February 25, 2010

Fox News is reporting that President Obama ended the health care summit by threatening to pass a health care reform bill without Republican support.  BHO said, “If we’re unable to resolve differences over health care, we will need to move ahead on decisions,” alluding to using reconciliation, a controversial maneuver that prevents a GOP filibuster by requiring only 51 votes.  How much did that summit cost tax payers?

But what’s more interesting was his follow up comment.  Obama added that if voters are unhappy with the results, then “that’s what elections are for.”

Did the President just dare the American public to vote him and other supporters of the health care bill out of office?  Neither the Congress or the President has an approval rating anywhere near 50%.  Be careful what you ask for…you just might get it.


Sarah Palin vs. Family Guy

February 19, 2010

I have to start this post by mentioning that I am a HUGE Family Guy fan.  Yes, it’s a cartoon and the humor is sometimes tasteless, but its also funny and irreverent.  What I like best is their willingness to take on any issue – they are equal opportunity offenders!

I watched the episode a couple of days after it aired.  While there were a few crass comments, I didn’t find it very offensive.  At one point Ellen, the “Down Syndrome Girl” is asked what her parents do.  She replies that “her Dad is an accountant and her Mom used to be the Governor of Alaska.”  Sarah Palin was offended and posted comments on Facebook, which quickly became national news.

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NY Times Examines the Tea Party

February 16, 2010

The NY Times published an interesting article today regarding the Tea Party movement.  It’s fascinating that there are so many factions within the Tea Party movement, yet everyone is aligned around the goal of “freedom from tyranny.”  Good read, but long.


Every New GM Vehicle Costs Taxpayers $12,200?

November 20, 2009

The National Taxpayers Union (NTU) has just released a study announcing that each new GM car costs taxpayers $12,200 and each new Chrysler costs taxpayers $7,600.  The report made several assumptions to determine this cost., a well-known automotive blog provides analysis on this report and trys to debunk some of its conclusions.  Only time will tell how many cars GM and Chrysler will sell and IF they will ever repay the TARP funds.

Your tax dollars at work!


Your Medical Records – Online?

September 25, 2009

One of the big points inside the healthcare debate is how to cut costs from the system. Streamlining information has proven to cut cost, but what about privacy? reports that one man wants to remove legislative obstacles that would open access to patient medical records. Some say that this would allow patients to share their experiences with others who have similar conditions. It would also give doctors more data about the impact of treatments. Others say the data is private and should remain that way.

What’s your opinion?


Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?

September 17, 2009

“October 17th, 2009 could be a great day in American history. The so-called “media” is complicit with big government and the party in power. Politicians USED to be afraid of the media – no longer! Now, the “media” is the mouthpiece of the government!”

Operation Can You Hear Us Now has a great idea. They are planning Tea Parties at mainstream media outlets simultaneously all over the USA on October 17, 2009. This is a great way to Be Heard, Not Herded!


Heaven Help Me

September 15, 2009

Just ran across this video.  The guy looks like he could use a shower but his music rocks.  Great garage band sound and poingant lyrics.   Enjoy!


National Tea Party March on Washington

September 12, 2009

The broadcast of the National March on Washington D.C. will be rebroadcast on CSPAN2, Monday evening at 8pm Eastern Time.  Can you hear us now?


Made in the USA

September 8, 2009
The Be Heard, Not Herded crew with Steve Chabot

The Be Heard, Not Herded crew with Steve Chabot

We were fortunate to attend the Voice of America TEA Party in West Chester, OH on Saturday, September 5, 2009. Over 18,000 patriots attended this important event. Several elected officials, including John Boehner, Jean Schmidt, and Mike Turner attended. We even got to spend a few minutes with Steve Chabot.

We handed out over 2,000 of our Be Heard, Not Herded bumper stickers in less than 1 hour. People loved them! We also brought a few of our Be Heard, Not Herded t-shirts and quickly sold out of them. Why? There were at least 20 other shirts available for sale. OURS WAS THE ONLY T-SHIRT THAT WAS MADE IN THE USA!

Many of the other shirts we saw were made in Mexico…your NAFTA dollars at work! We also saw shirts made in the Dominican Republic and China. Every one of them sported a pro-American, patriotic message.

Our advice…if you’re going to a Tea Party, town hall meeting, or other event and plan to buy patriotic merchandise, check the label.  Over the next few weeks we will be announcing a new line of bumper stickers and t-shirts. All of our items will be MADE IN THE USA…JUST LIKE US!