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Made in the USA

September 8, 2009
The Be Heard, Not Herded crew with Steve Chabot

The Be Heard, Not Herded crew with Steve Chabot

We were fortunate to attend the Voice of America TEA Party in West Chester, OH on Saturday, September 5, 2009. Over 18,000 patriots attended this important event. Several elected officials, including John Boehner, Jean Schmidt, and Mike Turner attended. We even got to spend a few minutes with Steve Chabot.

We handed out over 2,000 of our Be Heard, Not Herded bumper stickers in less than 1 hour. People loved them! We also brought a few of our Be Heard, Not Herded t-shirts and quickly sold out of them. Why? There were at least 20 other shirts available for sale. OURS WAS THE ONLY T-SHIRT THAT WAS MADE IN THE USA!

Many of the other shirts we saw were made in Mexico…your NAFTA dollars at work! We also saw shirts made in the Dominican Republic and China. Every one of them sported a pro-American, patriotic message.

Our advice…if you’re going to a Tea Party, town hall meeting, or other event and plan to buy patriotic merchandise, check the label.  Over the next few weeks we will be announcing a new line of bumper stickers and t-shirts. All of our items will be MADE IN THE USA…JUST LIKE US!