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Your Medical Records – Online?

September 25, 2009

One of the big points inside the healthcare debate is how to cut costs from the system. Streamlining information has proven to cut cost, but what about privacy? reports that one man wants to remove legislative obstacles that would open access to patient medical records. Some say that this would allow patients to share their experiences with others who have similar conditions. It would also give doctors more data about the impact of treatments. Others say the data is private and should remain that way.

What’s your opinion?


An Editorial – How to Reduce Costs of Health Insurance In America

September 9, 2009

There are four big problems with Health Insurance in America. There are probably more but these are the key ones as I see it.  Addressing these will lower costs.

• Individual state regulations which vary across the country
• Figuring out insurance rates for each company or each individual is done on a case by case basis
• Pre existing condition exclusions
• 12% cost of administration (in 1990 it was 24%)

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