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Acorn dropped by Census Bureau

September 12, 2009

Census severs ACORN ties

Ben Smith of Politico

ACORN’s incredibly sloppy voter registration operation got it repeatedly into hot water last fall, driven by an internal culture that I’ve always taken as more mercantile than conspiratorial: The worthless fake registrations don’t seem to have produced any votes.

The latest ACORN expose, in which a conservative producer and his partner got two ACORN employees to give him advice on running his prostitution business and evading taxes with their underage Latin American prostitutes (really) has dealt the organization a final blow as far as the Obama administration is concerned: The Census has chosen to stop working with the group, with Census Director Robert Groves writing ACORN President Maude Hurd that public “concern” about the group has become “a distraction from our mission” and that recent events — an apparent reference to the expose — has “added to worsening negative perceptions of ACORN.”.

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