Vote Them All Out of Office!

March 20, 2010

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

If we only had two choices, keep all of the current lawmakers in office or vote out every incumbent, a new Fox News poll shows that 68% of respondents would clean house, while only 20% would keep the status quo.  Not surprising considering Congress’ approval rating has been hovering around 18%.  What is surprising is that 52% of the respondents who described themselves as Democrats would get rid of all incumbents.  All of this spells bad news for incumbents in 2010.

Here’s more interesting, though not shocking, data.  17% think Congress cares what the American people want, compared to the large 79 percent majority who think Congress does whatever it wants to do.

We’ve all heard the argument that we need experience in Congress and that term limits will do as much harm as good.  Opponents to term limits say they eliminate people with wisdom and experience from political life. They ask, WHAT IF you have a really great public servant and want to keep him?  You can’t.

The real problem with term limits is that they have to be made into law.  That’s a major conflict of interest for politicians that want job security.  After all, the benefits of serving the people are pretty good.  Free health care, great retirement package, and virtual immunity to anything from tax evasion to fraud and everything in between.  So what Representative or Senator is going to stand up and propose term limits?

It’s time for our elected officials to do their civic duty and return to private life.  If they can’t figure it out on their own, we’ll have to show them all the door in November.  Unless they can dramatically change public perception in the next 180 days, that’s very likely to happen.  Good riddance!

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