Congress Needs an Enema!

March 18, 2010

Rene Oberer

We received an email today from Rene Oberer, a Conservative challenging Rep. Mike Turner (R) for US Representative of Ohio’s 3rd District.  The email challenged Mr. Turner’s use of earmarks.

Certainly, in a perfect world any conservative would be opposed to earmarks, but in today’s Congressional politics they seem inevitable.  The practice is ingrained.  So, while we understand Rep. Turner’s desire to return some of that money to our community, we agree that earmarks do more harm than good.  To stop the earmarks, you have to change the system by removing the people enabling the status quo.

That said, we applaud Rene’s efforts to bring light to this issue and support her in trying to get rid of earmarks entirely.  Maybe the earmarks that litter this god forsaken health care bill will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

We at BeHeardNotHerded.com have no allegiance to career politicians.  We believe that citizens should do their civic duty by serving public office, then return to their private lives.  To that end, we support Rene’s efforts to challenge Mr. Turner.  Congress needs an enema!

To read the email from Rene Oberer, click the link below.

Hello fellow patriots,

Turner has been in the news lately.  He finally joined the House Republicans on a one year ban of earmarks.  According to the DDN (March 13, 2010), Turner hopes the ban will serve as “a means to developing a more transparent process”, meaning more earmarks in the future.  He was also quoted as saying that he wants to work with the House members “to make the Dayton region’s earmark process a national model.

In my opinion, earmarks are the most inefficient way to spend our money.  Why should we send our tax dollars to Washington to be squandered so that a few bureaucrats can decide what projects we need done in Dayton.  Why should other states subsidize our spending and vice versa.

Who benefits most from earmarks,  the people who pay no taxes, the political contributor who benefits from the project, or the politician that is buying and selling votes (in a transparent way?)???  I know for sure that it isn’t us (We the People), the responsible, hard working citizens of this great country.

I realize that earmarks are just a small part of the over spending by Washington, but it demonstrates Mr. Turner’s lack of understanding of the basic principle of individual Liberty.  He claims to be a fiscal conservative.  He brags about his no votes, but he is proud of his earmarks.  Every dollar he votes to redistribute is a slice of your life he is stealing away.

I am a true fiscal conservative.  I will uphold and protect the original intent of the Constitution.  Please help me clean up our little corner in Washington.  I need people to go door to door in their neighborhoods to spread the word.  If you are ready for the fight, just reply to this email.  Thank you.

Rene Oberer

Candidate for US Representative, Ohio’s 3rd District


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