Dems Offering Jobs to Political Opponents?

March 13, 2010

Rep Darrell Issa (Left) | Rep Joe Sestak (Right)

Are the Democrats offering government jobs to other Democratic candidates that drop out of important primary races?  Evidence is mounting.  First, Fox News reports that Representative Joe Sestak, who is aggravating Democratic leaders by challenging Specter for the Senate nomination in Pennsylvania, said last month that the White House dangled a federal job in front of him last summer in an attempt to drop out of the state’s Democratic primary.

If that is true, Rep. Darrell Issa, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, believes it was criminal.  Issa wrote a letter to the White House counsel on Wednesday demanding information on Sestak’s claim.

“While the White House may think this is politics as usual, what is spectacularly unusual is when a candidate – a U.S. Congressman no less – -freely acknowledges such a proposal,” he wrote to White House counsel Robert Bauer. “Almost always candidates keep quiet about such deals, and for good reason – they are against the law.”

Cincinnati City Councilwoman Laketa Cole

Then there’s the case of Cincinnati City Councilwoman Laketa Cole.  The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that Cole withdrew from a Democratic Party primary for an Ohio House seat March 5, clearing the way for newly appointed state Rep. Alicia Reece to run in the Nov. 2 election.

The same day, Miss Cole received an offer letter for a job as the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s Chief of Reliability and Service Analysis, paying $78,524 per year.

While the job wasn’t created for Cole (her predecessor was promoted), the job wasn’t posted and no other candidates were interviewed.  Governor Ted Strickland’s (D) administration cited diversity, pointing out that Cole is African-American.  Although she has never worked for a utility, the state said her years on City Council – where she dealt with Cincinnati’s Water Works and sewer issues – qualified her for the job.

Apparently this isn’t sitting well with many people in Ohio, a state where 641,000 people are currently unemployed.

Is it a sign that the Democrats know their days in power are numbered? Are they fixing their primaries to rally support for long-term candidates?   Or are liberal candidates with little chance of winning shopping for secure, well-paying government positions?  Your take?


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