World Banking on a Ponzi Scheme?

March 9, 2010

Darius Guppy

Ever heard of Darius Guppy?  I hadn’t either until I read his description of the world banking system in the UK Telegraph today.

He’s a British expatriate, has famous parents, and someone in his ancestry actually classified the tiny fish that bears his name.  He is very well-educated, was known to fraternize with Royalty, and defrauded Lloyd’s of London out of 1.8 million pounds.

Why would anyone care about his take on the world economy?

Because it takes a thief to catch a thief?

Darius was known as a brawler and lives by the “Homeric code of honor, loyalty and revenge.”  He once got in a fight with Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, defending the honor of his wife.  In the 1990’s his father, an author and explorer lost his fortune in the Lloyd’s of London financial crisis.  To exact his revenge, Darius committed a massive fraud against the company, bilking them out of $2.6 million.  He wasn’t caught until almost a year later, and then only because of an accomplice.

After significant time in prison Darius moved to South Africa and in 2009, made the statement that “Britain has become an “urban hell” and a dispenser of “moral poison” whose citizens are enslaved by a “culture of consumerism.”

One could argue that’s a pretty good description for many parts of the world.

However it also turns out Darius is also a certified nut-job.  He’s been labeled a full-dress apologist for Iran’s current regime.  He said that, “God willing, she (Iran) can then become…a ‘core state’ around which other nations that cherish freedom can coalesce.”  Axis of Evil anyone?

He has also written that “The planet has been brought to its knees by bourgeois greed. Scientists increasingly consider us to be in the midst of a ‘mass extinction event’, similar to that which gripped the world when a giant meteorite slammed into the Gulf of Mexico and extinguished the dinosaurs.”

So what’s  his  take on the global economy? Read the article and find out.  Fortunately he doesn’t make any references to killer asteroids.  Maybe he’s trying a new medication?


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