Gander is Good

March 1, 2010

Did anybody happen to catch Tom Brokaw’s 9/11 story about Gander, New Foundland Saturday during the Olympics?

From the Gander Airport website:

“On September 11, 2001, 39 heavy aircraft were diverted to Gander International Airport when airspace was closed in the United States because of tragic terrorist hijackings. Runway 13/31 was converted to a temporary aircraft parking ramp. The airport terminal was turned into an aid centre as food and clothing was distributed to stranded passengers. The airport and its surrounding community afterwards received high praise for their response to the tragedy.”

Remember what it was like that day, and for days following?  Can you imagine being stuck in a foreign country with nothing (in some cases) but the clothes on your back.  Approximately 7,000 passengers descended on this town of 10,000 on  the fateful morning of September 11th.  Thank you to the people of Gander!  The hospitality you showed was awe inspiring.

Have your own story to tell?  We’re collecting 3,500 stories from  real people to honor the 3,500 who died that day.  Tell us yours!


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