Racism?? — Jimmy gores the wrong ox!

September 16, 2009

Over the past few days I have seen three or four articles on how the opposition to President Obama’s legislative agenda is rooted in racism.  I think that those playing the race card have it 97% wrong.

Obama was not around for the bank bailout. It was Bush.  He did not write the Healthcare legislation.  Pelosi and the House Democrats did.

To forget that opposition to a perceived government takeover of health care was even stronger in the Clinton administration, is to fall back into the old ways of looking at life.  Blaming racism is a convenient way to dismiss the conflict over substance and to divert attention from the real problem facing America today: Enormous deficits.

Congressmen of both parties have spent money like proverbial drunken sailors ever since President Bush flushed the $1 Trillion budget surplus down the toilet in his first term.

People are angry at  Congress and their irresponsible spending decisions.

People are fed up with their consistent solution of throwing money at all problems.

Yes, there are some racists at the Tea Parties.  But we have seen the other kooks there, too: 9-11 Truthers, Birthers, Skinheads, Survivalists, disaffected Gulf War and Vietnam War Veterans who feel betrayed.  Such people come out of the woodwork wherever there is a large gathering of people.  They want to be heard and to be paid some attention.  For better or for worse, the other 97% of attendees either shake their heads in disbelief or just  ignore them.

And these kooks do not determine the composition of the majority of the Tea Party protesters, the thinking opposition whose political activity is an expression of their concern for the future direction of the country.  They are uncertain of their economic futures and frustrated that the world is spinning out of control.  They want some fiscal responsibility and change that they can believe in. And they are speaking up!

It is not Obama that we oppose.  It’s an irresponsible government embodied by Congress and currently typified by the existing Health Care reform legislation and Cap and Trade.


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